Best Indoor Trampolines of 2020 for Home

Trampolines are insanely popular and have been for the past decade. Apart from all the fun children have bouncing endless hours on it, trampolines are great for enhancing children’s muscle development, strengthening bones, reinforcing joints & for increasing overall confidence.

You don’t need a large backyard or have to depend on perfect weather to enjoy a trampoline. There are several brands in the market that tailor their trampolines for indoor use. Our team has thoroughly researched available brands & shortlisted top 4 indoor trampolines for you. We have reviewed these trampolines based on several criteria such as stability, safety, durability and compared them against each other. We hope this article helps you make an informed purchase.

This page contains review of the following indoor trampolines & comparison table:

Best Indoor Trampoline Comparisons Table:










Age Range

3 -10 years

3 -4 years

3 -7 years

3 -8 years

Average Setup Time

1 - 2 hours 

45 min 

1 hour 

1 - 2 hours 


Most Durable Indoor/Outdoor


Great Affordable Indoor Trampoline

Best Value Starter Indoor Trampoline

Sturdy Starter Indoor/Outdoor Trampoline


Most Durable Indoor Trampoline: Clevr 7ft Kids Trampoline

indoor trampolines


With dimensions of 7ft in height and 8 ft in diameter, this trampoline falls slightly on the larger side. If you have the space, this is one of our favorites on the list.  For smaller spaces, apartments or low ceilings, we recommend looking at some other trampolines on this list. For outdoor use, Clevr has a sturdy built quality and handles both hot and cold weathers conditions really well. This trampoline does not fold for easy storage. For indoor storage, you need to dismantle it completely.

Stability (★★★★):

Trampoline is low to the ground and stable. Clevr trampolines use a heavy duty steel frame in its base to prevent trampoline from tipping over.

Accessibility (★★★★):

Base of the trampoline is low to the ground. Toddlers and younger children can easily get in and out of the jumping area.

Safety  (★★★★★): 

Being low from the ground, you don’t have to worry about major falls. Clevr trampoline is built with water-proof protective padding to prevent kids from injuring themselves. They fill the pad with thick foam to reinforce impact protection. There is padding around the poles, which delivers the highest level of safety for all kids!


It is perfect for younger children. Recommended age range is between 3 - 10 years old.

Ease of Setup  (★★★):

Average time to set it up is anywhere between 1 hour to 2 hours. 

Built Quality  (★★★★★):

It is sturdy, durable and built with a heavy duty steel frame. Built with heavy-duty galvanized springs for longer lasting play!


Capacity  (★★★★):

It can easily fit 2 - 3 toddlers/younger children at the same time.  Maximum specified weight capacity for the trampoline is 100 lbs. Medium size adults should not have an issue using the trampoline occasionally along with the kids.


  • Great customer support
  • Ease of access for younger children
  • Great built quality


  • Setup instructions need improvement
  • Does not fold for easy storage

Great Affordable Indoor Trampoline: Giantex 55" Kids Trampoline

indoor trampolines


At 5 ft diameter, this lightweight trampoline is ideal for indoor use. Reasonably priced around $100 with all the basic safety features. You can use the trampoline outdoors, but the build is not suitable for long term outdoor storage in extreme weather. It does not fold for easy storage without dismantling it completely. Its size and weight is ideal for easy indoor storage.

Stability:  (★★★★)

It is fairly stable. Does not tip easily. It moves slightly when used by older kids. You will need rubber pads or carpet under the trampoline to keep it stable on hardwood and cement surfaces. 

Accessibility  (★★★★)

Zipper control design entrances make it easy to get in and out for the kids. It is ideal for children from age 3 to age 6

Safety  (★★★)

Trampoline comes with a full safety enclosure net. That will give you the confidence to let your little one bounce around in peace! The foam tube can protect your kid from injury, ensuring the full safety of your little children.


It is ideal for toddlers 3 - 4 years of age.

Ease of Setup  (★★★★★)

Average time to set it up is 45 min.

Built Quality  (★★★★)

They design it for one child at a time, use only. For the price point it is a great trampoline for a single child and if you limit the weight. The welds at the bottom will not hold well to any pressure or repeated weight.

Capacity  (★★)

One kid at a time is ideal. 2 kids at the same time can get a little ambitious. As per the product specifications, the ideal weight limit is 100 lbs. We would recommend limiting the weight to 60 lbs.


  • Great customer support
  • Great price point
  • Does not take a lot of space
  • Compact. Great choice for small cars


  • Storage outdoors or outside exposure for a long duration is not recommended
  • Not ideal for multiple kids at the same time
  • No room for flips

Best Value Starter Indoor Trampoline: Skywalker Mini

indoor trampolines


This is a perfect starter trampoline for children. Designed with its patented safety design, this trampoline is a great choice for parents looking for safety and affordability. Only built for indoor use with 5 feet jumping diameter, this trampoline is a great choice for indoor trampoline. It is compact and easy for storage.

Stability  (★★★)

360 padded safety bar which provides stability while jumping. Will not easily tip on a flat surface. Trampoline could tip if the surface underneath is not flat. For safety purposes, recommend using a rubber pad or carpet underneath.

Accessibility (★★★)

The base is slightly higher than other trampolines on the list. Smaller children will need adult help to get in and out of the trampoline. It will work great if you don’t want children inside the trampoline without adult supervision.

Safety (★★★★)

Skywalker brand focuses heavily on safety. It has its own patented no gap safety design to prevent falls. It meets or exceeds all the required ATSM standards.


It is ideal for children between ages of 3 and 7 years old.

Ease of Setup (★★★★)

Fairly easy to set up. Average adult can set it up in 1 hour.

Built Quality (★★★)

Overall, it is a fairly sturdy trampoline. This trampoline will not disappoint you as a starter trampoline. The netting and foam pole covering are not long lasting. If you are looking for something to last for years, this might not be the right option.


It can easily hold 2 young children but has a weight capacity of 100 lbs.


  • Patented no gap safety design
  • Support bar provides stability while jumping
  • Great price
  • Creative graphic options available for the base


  • Need a flat surface for stability
  • Average quality netting & pole foam

Sturdy Starter Indoor/Outdoor Trampoline : Sportspower My First Trampoline

indoor trampolines


This trampoline has a sturdy built and designed with safety in mind. Another great starter trampoline and for a little more money you get slightly better quality than the Skywalker trampoline. Built for both indoor and outdoor purposes, this trampoline is a great choice for families with a backyard. It is light and easy to move. This trampoline does not fold down for easy storage. It is 33 inches in width, so ensure you have large enough door openings. Even though it is built for outdoor use, we do not recommend leaving it outdoors in extreme conditions. Some material can get damaged under severe sun exposure. 

Stability (★★★★)

Low to ground design. The bases are padded, making it an ideal starter indoor trampoline. This trampoline sits well even on surfaces which are not flat.

Accessibility (★★★★)

Base of the trampoline is low to the ground. Toddlers and younger children can easily get in and out of the jumping area.

Safety (★★★★)

360 degree netting provides parents unlimited visibility. Poles have pads for extra protection. All Sportspower products meet or exceed ASTM safety standards.


It is ideal for children between ages of 3 and 8 years old.

Ease of Setup  (★★★)

Average adult can set it up between 1 hour to 2 hour.

Built Quality (★★★★)

Heavy-duty rust-resistant galvanized steel frame. Very sturdy and should last a long time.

Capacity  (★★★)

Only one child should jump at a time.


  • Portable and easy to move.
  • For both indoor & outdoor use.


  • Setup instructions need improvement.
  • Does not fold for easy storage.

Final Thoughts

Best Indoor/Outdoor Trampoline Long Run: Clevr 7ft

Best Cost Effective Indoor/Outdoor Trampoline: SportsPower My First

Best Starter Indoor Trampoline: Skywalker Mini

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