The Best Non WiFi Baby Monitors : Top 5 Picks

Baby monitors are an excellent way to give you peace of mind as a parent, providing you a reliable way to check on the baby (or toddlers) while you’re in the kitchen or elsewhere around the house. There are even devices that allow you to check in remotely, like when you’re away from home and they’re staying with a relative. 

Monitors have been a staple product for new parents and parents of young children for as long as they’ve been on the market, and it’s not hard to see why with all the benefits they provide. But what if you’re looking for a monitor that doesn’t rely on a WiFi connection?

We’ve all been there – whether the WiFi is down because you’ve recently moved and haven’t set-up a connection, or you’re away from home with limited access – it can be tricky to rely solely on Wi-Fi at times, especially where a baby monitor is involved. There is also a growing concern around hacking, which is the last thing any parent wants with a new device in the household.

Luckily, within the variety of monitors available on the market today, you don’t need to compromise your peace of mind due to connectivity issues. We’ve searched far and wide, done our research and have come up with our Top 5 Non WiFi baby monitors for your consideration, with an FAQs section to follow, answering your pertinent questions:

Infant Optics DXR-8


The versatility of this camera is great, allowing parents the ability to fully control the direction and tilt of the camera and make adjustments as necessary. The lenses are also interchangeable for different functions such as a wide-angle lens. This monitor is a good option for households with more than one young child, as multiple cameras can be linked up and the monitor will scan each one periodically meaning you can literally be in two places at once. Ideal for mounting on the wall to get the clearest angles of the entire room.


  • Remote tilt and swivel to scan the room vertically and horizontally
  • Good zoom function
  • Wall mountable for the perfect angle
  • Multiple cameras can be linked up for more than one child


  • Short battery life
  • Night vision not very effective
  • Range distance is shorter than some of the other devices
  • Customer service is difficult to contact

VAVA 720 p Baby Monitor


This more traditional baby monitor is a hand-held device, perfect for those who would rather not rely on an app to stream video and audio from the accompanying camera. The zoom feature is really useful for checking if your baby has managed to drift off to sleep. You can even add and link up multiple cameras in different locations in the house that will display on the same monitor at regular intervals. The supplier offers an 18 month warranty, plus another 12 months for free which is an added bonus for a piece of mind purchase. Visually the attractive, simplistic design is very Apple-esque.


  • LED noise indicator
  • Thermostat to monitor temperature
  • 2x and 4x zoom function
  • Long battery life
  • Two-way talking to talk to your baby
  • Clear picture quality


  • Volume setting is limited, and may not wake a heavier sleeper
  • The camera has some connection issues
  • Camera has a blinking light which can disturb the baby
  • Short camera cord
  • Night vision setting is not very clear


This monitor, which comes with a camera, is a great option for parents. The packaging is very detailed and the clean, modern design of the device is pleasing to the eye, sitting nicely within the home. Based on appearance alone, it instantly gives you the feeling of quality, and the large HD display on the monitor is a massive plus. There are many baby monitors on the market which offer poor resolution, meaning that you cannot make out facial expressions – that is not an issue with this device. The battery life is long-lasting which means you get to spend less time charging it, and do not need to worry about it running out during the night. The audio sensitivity works to perfection, and you are instantly alerted to any noise or crying coming from the baby’s room. Overall, this is a very promising and reliable product.


  • Large 5” monitor
  • Sharp 720p picture quality
  • Interchangeable lens to expand to 110 degrees
  • Pan (330 degrees) and tilt (110 degrees) function
  • Crying alerts
  • Large coverage area of 460ft
  • Zoom-in function 1.5x and 2x
  • Multi-camera option that can link up to the monitor
  • Good battery life


  • Temperature sensor is inaccurate
  • Bright light on the camera which stays on – can disturb sleep
  • Software updates are delivered by a YouTube channel, rather than a support site so may be more suitable for computer-savvy parents
  • Provided plug is bulky so could be an issue for smaller spaces
  • Antenna feels delicate – must handle with care


This monitor is one of the most affordable devices on our list, mainly due to the fact that this is an audio only monitor. This can be a good option for some households and means you can hear your child while you are doing other things around the house. It’s perfect for a first-time purchase as it’s user-friendly with simple instructions that come in the form of a handy manual - it’s easy for an older generation to operate too who may not be as tech-savvy. The monitor has a lot to offer, including a very good range both inside and outside and a clear transmission. It’s versatile in the sense that you can link up multiple ‘Parent’ receivers allowing more than one parent to monitor the baby in different rooms, meaning you will never miss a beat. There are also a couple of nice features such as a clip-on attachment for a belt, allowing you to simply clip on and go hands-free, which can be essential when juggling multiple things at home. Additionally, there is a night light function which is soothing for the baby. To sum this monitor up, it offers the essentials, along with some bonus features, at a good price point.


  • Affordable price point
  • Multiple ‘Parent’ units available to link up to the ‘Baby’ unit
  • Clear transmission with minimal white noise
  • Two-way talk intercom to speak to and comfort your baby
  • Easy to set-up and operate
  • Belt clip add-on
  • Good range – 160ft indoors and up to 1000 ft outdoors


  • No camera functions
  • If the ‘Baby’ and ‘Parent’ units become unlinked a loud noise is produced, which can disturb the baby
  • Short battery life after charging
  • Volume level can be inconsistent
  • Non-rechargeable battery which is difficult to replace


This non-Wi-Fi monitor works via 2.4GHz wireless technology, for a reliable connection to your baby that bypasses Wi-Fi altogether. The star feature of this monitor is certainly the tilt, pan and zoom functions which can be operated remotely to check on the baby. The audio quality is crystal clear and allows you to effectively talk to and comfort your baby from the next room.  There are additionally a number of ‘Smart’ features including some pleasant, built-in lullabies to help your baby drift off to sleep, a temperature monitor that provides an accurate read and a LED sound indicator to alert you of any noises from the baby. This user-friendly monitor is worth a try for parents who prefer a device with a camera, and the customer service from the brand is of a high standard should you ever encounter any issues. The key takeaways from this product is a high-quality camera with versatile movement function, all for a reasonable price


  • HD LCD display offering clear picture quality
  • Remote pan, tilt and zoom functionality – horizontal 355 degrees, vertical 120 degrees
  • Two-way talking to talk to and comfort your baby
  • Temperature monitor
  • Built-in lullabies for soothing
  • LED sound indicator
  • Easy to set-up and operate
  • Rechargeable batteries


  • Design of camera means there is a restricted view at the base line of the camera. Needs some adjustment to get a good angle
  • Night vision mode is not as clear as daytime mode
  • Volume level can be inconsistent
  • Short battery life after charging
  • Range is shorter than some monitors on the market
  • Loud noises from the monitor when selecting options which could disturb baby
  • Multiple cameras linked up can cause some lagging/glitching issues

Final Thoughts

LifeMomma Favorite : Baby Monitor VAVA

Best Value Audio Monitor : VTech DM221

Best Multi room/child Monitoring : Infant Optics Dxr-8

That concludes our top 5 picks for non-Wi-Fi baby monitors. You can also check our detailed review on Best Baby Monitors with Camera on our site.

Next up, is our FAQ section, where we’ve gathered the most common queries to answer all of your questions on these devices:

Do baby monitors work without Wi-Fi?

As you can see by our compiled list, the answer to this one is definitely…yes! Non-Wi-Fi baby monitors work by utilizing special technologies called FHSS (Frequency-Hopping Spread Spectrum) or DECT (Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications). Both of these are digital wireless technologies, but they work differently. Look out for these references in the product detail section if you are unsure.

Can Non-Wi-Fi baby monitors be hacked?

The answer to this is that it’s very unlikely, particularly compared to monitors that rely on a Wi-Fi connection. It’s not necessarily the monitor itself that’s at fault here, but rather the online portal that’s accessible via the app which is required for this Wi-Fi devices. A non-Wi-Fi monitor minimizes this risk, as there is no reliance on a potentially insecure network.

Do baby monitors need Wi-Fi?

As we can see from the thoroughly researched list, it’s evident that there are plenty of baby monitors on the market than can perfectly function without Wi-Fi. It’s really a matter of personal preference. Baby monitors have been on the market long before we had the modern conveniences of the internet and, ultimately, Wi-Fi connections, and they can function just as well as their counterparts.

What is the best Wi-Fi baby monitor?

If, after reviewing the options, you’ve decided that you would like to try a Wi-Fi baby monitor instead, please do check out our Top 9 Picks of Baby Monitors with a Camera, as there are plenty of good options to choose from. The list includes models such as the iBaby Monitor and the Lollipop Baby Monitor. There’s something on the list to suit a variety of tastes.

Where do you put a baby video monitor?

A baby monitor in the home is very versatile and can either be mounted on the wall in the baby’s room or kept mobile in order to change the location as and when needed. The baby’s room is an obvious choice, however wherever you want to put the little one down for a nap is a perfect opportunity to use your monitor. You can also take it on holiday, or take it round to a relative’s house.

We hope you’ve enjoyed our Top 5 picks and FAQs and found some valuable information to inspire and inform your next purchase. Baby monitors are an essential part of a parent’s toolkit and choosing the right one for your household is a personal choice based on a variety of factors, whether it be price, design or technology.

In today’s digitally focused climate there is growing concern about the internet and our personal information and the rise of hackers. Although it is certainly possible to take precautions to secure your Wi-Fi, if hacking is a big concern of yours, it may put your mind at ease to select a baby monitor which relies on different technologies, without needing Wi-Fi.

For all the latest reviews and research on baby-care technologies, be sure to check out some of our other articles. Stay informed, stay safe and stay curious!

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