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Ultimate Guide for Conceiving & Planning Healthy Pregnancy

All right, mamas! I suppose you are all thinking of starting a family or are already there and just trying to make sure you have all it takes to give birth to a beautiful, healthy child nine months from now. Being a mother of two, I completely understand how beneficial it is to get your physical and mental health in check before you jump into this phase of your life. Remember this very simple mantra: happy you, happy baby. It’s normal to get in top gear mommy mode and think only about the baby. It is essential to understand that before, during, and after pregnancy, your health is the key to healthy motherhood. Don’t worry, I have you covered with the following guide.

1. Track Your Ovulation Calendar

God blessed women either with a regular “Aunt Flow” schedule or an irregular one. Regardless of where you fall, track the dates of your menstrual cycle two or three months before you plan on getting pregnant. This pattern is essential for you to calculate your ovulation cycle and/or to predict your due date. The American Pregnancy Association has put together a free ovulation calculator tool for you to track your ovulation

2. Take Prenatal Vitamins

I would highly recommend that you start taking your prenatal vitamin at least 2-3 months before conceiving. There are several good brands out there on the market. Here are some of the brands I’ve used and benefited from:

  • Folate: Yes, folate NOT folic acid. It is essential to prevent birth defects of the baby’s vital organs. Doctor’s Best Folate has been my choice.
  • Omega-3: New Chapter Wholemega for moms is what I highly recommend. Most of the over-the-counter fish oil pills contain oils sourced from random fish. We are told salmon is the best fish to eat during pregnancy so why not get the oil from it, too... and that’s exactly what New Chapter does.
  • Vitamin D: The above supplements are in the form of capsules/pills, but there is nothing better than consuming supplements in their liquid form. Why? Because they get absorbed by our body more quickly that way and that’s what Garden of Life mykind Organics Vegan D3 spray offers!
  • B12: Ok, this one is muscle memory for me as I have taken this supplement since childhood so there were no two ways about it. For my motherhood journey, I chose Doctor’s Best B12. Do not worry about the high dose. B12 is water soluble, and any excess gets flushed out in your urine so don’t be surprised if your urine turns green.
  • Magnesium: Such an easy thing to ignore. And it is my favorite. Why? Because it:
      • Helps you sleep better.

      • Reduces period cramps (yes, you experience cramps right through pregnancy and especially during conception).

      • Combats morning sickness ― BEST BEST BEST thing ever!

      • Bye-bye stretch marks.

3. Maintain a healthy prenatal weight

What will happen throughout the journey of your pregnancy is sometimes beyond your control. Factors like the size of the baby, intense sugar cravings, or excess water retention can sometimes blow your weight gain goal off the charts. Try to maintain your target weight gain by eating a balanced diet, limiting added sugars and solid fats, and partaking in moderate physical activity. Some studies suggest that maternal pre-pregnancy body mass index (BMI) and excessive gestational weight gain during pregnancy are associated with overweight offspring, or worse, obesity. [1]

4. Relax and de-stress

This is a point we all too often skip because all of our focus is on when we will ovulate, and after that, we go crazy with finding out if we’re pregnant. I mean, just look at the level of stress and pressure you have buried yourself in. It’s not a joke when people talk about going on a vacation to make babies. If a vacation is financially possible, DO IT! It’s not a deed, it’s a life changing moment. Enjoy and live every moment with a smile. Chances are that a less stressed body equals a better chance of having a baby.

5. Don’t give up

Yes, for some lucky couples, they try and before you know it, they are pregnant. But that’s not always the case so don’t give up and always remember this earlier point: less stress = better chance of having a baby.

Even Miracles take a little time.

6. Avoid hazardous environments 

You don’t want your baby to be pre populated with toxins. Avoid exposure to hazardous materials or environments at work and in the home. Use eco-friendly nontoxic cleaning supplies. Similarly, opt for nontoxic pesticides and nontoxic herbicides for the lawn.

7. Detox your body

You are planning on welcoming a new human being into your body. This little being will feed from you, and live and grow in your body for nine months. Welcome them to the healthiest environment you can provide. You should start thinking about detoxing as soon as you start thinking of conceiving. If you don’t, you may transfer unwanted toxins to your baby’s growing body. 

  • Choose organic produce, dairy products, and meats whenever possible.

  • Quit smoking and avoid exposure to secondhand smoke.

  • Stop eating fast food.

  • Avoid eating fish with high mercury content.

What are the best prenatal vitamins to take during pregnancy?

  1. Folate
  2. Omega-3
  3. Vitamin D
  4. B 12
  5. Magnesium

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