Having Newborn Visitors Over: Read These 5 Important Advice

Need visitor newborn advice? You are contemplating inviting visitors for a newborn visit. We don’t blame you. We all are living through a pandemic or some would like to think just lived through one. No matter which side of the fence you are on vaccination, travel restrictions or social distancing, here are some helpful tips to prepare you for having visitors over for a newborn visit.


This could be a touchy topic, but if the guests are already vaccinated then it is a plus. But if they are not then make sure they are not ill or have been around people with illnesses. Also, make it clear that you would prefer that the interaction be from a distance and that you would like to avoid any holding or kissing.

Offer Disposable Masks

There are a range of disposal masks, you never know what people wear (half covered, not three-layered, etc.) and it has also become more fashion than safety. The amount ordered might seem a lot, but you will end up using all of it (doctors visits, stores, gas pump, etc.)

Offer Hand Sanitizer

There were 4-5 hand sanitizer at accessible locations -- We like these as a lot of people avoid (including kids) sanitizer since it makes their hands dry or burn. Now, in this case it's your newborn so take no chances.

Keep Children Away

Try limiting interaction with kids. Most kids under 12 are still not vaccinated (and some are even attending day care centers). In case they insist (due to no backup care), let them watch a favorite kids show on Netflix so they limit their movements to the couch. And yes, make sure you have kid's size masks on hand.

Smart Baby Accessories

Crib Safety Gear

This crib has see-through sides so when the baby is napping you can lay it in there and visitors can watch from the side instead of hovering over the crib. 

Baby Wrap

As a bonus, this is an excellent time to bring a baby wrap; it will make sure visitor will keep up a safe distance from your child.

Mothers, remember you make the final decision for your child! No visit is worth the life of your child. Don't worry about hurting their feelings, they will all understand eventually, and like they say, if they don't coöperate they are never worth it:-)

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