The Best Baby Breathing Monitors: Top 3 Picks

In this day and age, baby monitors come with all kinds of technology, each targeting different needs of parents who want an extra peace of mind when monitoring their child. It can be overwhelming to know where to start with all the different options available.

One of the latest trends in baby monitor technology are baby breathing monitors. Some parents will know better than anyone the anxieties that come with having a new baby, particularly when a baby is born with respiratory problems or other causes for concern. 

While tiptoeing into your baby’s bedroom to check up on them is completely normal, baby breathing monitors have leveled up from the standard baby monitor, and are marketed to alleviate this anxiety somewhat. They work by monitoring your baby’s breathing pattern and immediately alerts you if any irregularities are detected.

If you’re a parent who’s interested in purchasing a baby breathing monitor, we’ve done our due diligence, as always, and rounded up three of the top picks on the market.

This page contains review of the following baby breathing monitors:

Levana Oma Sense Baby Monitor

Best Baby Breathing Monitors


This breathing monitor is one of the most popular on our list and comes with a wide range of features. It’s a portable breathing and movement monitor with vibrations and audible alerts designed to stimulate babies and alert parents.

Using specially designed WakeUp Technology, Oma Sense will trigger sounds and vibrations and LED lights if no movement is detected from the baby for over 15 seconds, with the aim to encourage the return of regular breathing and movement.

If these are not re-established after 5 seconds an emergency alarm is activated (sound and lights) to immediately alert parents.

One of the great things about this monitor is that this technology does not operate off of wireless connections, which can be unreliable. it’s portable and doesn’t require much in terms of set-up, making it really user-friendly. Simply move around to wherever your little one is sleeping. The design offers a clip on the reverse of the monitor for simple attaching, adjusting and removing.

There is zero contact with the skin with this product, so there is no extra worry or allergies or sleep disturbance. You can clip it onto a thin blanket, or a wearable sack blanket so it can still pick up the breathing and movements effectively.

Oma Sense comes with two Panasonic 3V CR2450 coin cell batteries, each of which will last about 30 days. It is recommended with this product that you always keep a spare battery handy, just in case. The monitor will alert you when the battery needs to be changed.

One thing to note is that this monitor should only be used while the baby is in a motionless cot/bed. If it is used while the baby is in a stroller or car seat in a moving car, as this will interfere with the motion detection technology.


  • Easy to use and set-up to keep things simple
  • Battery life is good, and comes with 2 batteries included
  • Clips on to blankets/clothing well and doesn’t move during the night
  • Loud, effective alarm and flashing light


  • Only effective in a motionless cot or bed
  • Sensitive to movement as well as breathing so there are some concerns that the two are not always distinguished 
  • Light that indicates the monitor is working flashes every 30 seconds which can be a long time to wait when checking during the night

Owlet Smart Baby Monitor Duo

Best Baby Breathing Monitors


The Owlet smart baby monitor is the most expensive on the list, but the investment could be worth it for the features and benefits.

This product comes with two components:

  • A HD camera for crystal clear video quality and superb audio, which you can link up to your smartphone via the Owlet app.

  • A smart sock sensor to be worn by the baby, which connects to a base station which glows green to let parents know that everything is okay

Owlet allows you to keep eyes and ears on your baby’s breathing patterns, heart rate and oxygen levels remotely, from the ease and convenience of your smartphone.

The smart sock sensor not only lights up, but offers notifications in the way of sounds and app alerts if oxygen levels are too high or too low. This, coupled with the cam features offer a real-time monitoring experience for parents. Each set comes with 3 washable socks which fit most infants of 0-18 months, wrapping comfortably around their foot. It’s an ideal, non-invasive way to keep an eye on things.

The camera even streams night vision in HD to cover all bases, taking you from day to night with no issues. The camera works off of secure encrypted Wi-Fi so only those you choose can stream footage from your Owlet cam. The camera uses AES 128-bit encryption and TLS connection to Wi-Fi. With the threat of hacking in the baby monitor industry being very real, this should offer some relief for parents.

As well as all this, there are some additional features such as a two-way talk setting to talk to and soothe your baby from anywhere, and background audio that you can initiate and listen to while getting on with other tasks.


  • Comes with a 1-year warranty and 30 day ‘love it or return it’ policy
  • App accompaniment is versatile meaning more than one smartphone can monitor the camera feed at a time
  • Attractive design and packaging with attention to detail
  • HD video and audio quality


  • High price tag
  • The video stream can only be viewed if the app is open on the phone, so you cannot undertake other things at the same time on your smartphone (this does not apply to the audio, as the background audio setting can be used)
  • Must ensure there is a strong Wi-Fi connection to avoid triggering a false alarm

Nanny Baby Movement European Monitor

Best Baby Breathing Monitors


The final review on our list of the NANNY baby monitor. With its cute, simplistic design displaying animal characters (with multiple designs to choose from!), this monitor has been a hit with parents. 

NANNY monitors the baby’s breathing, and if any irregularity is picked up on, or a lack of movement after 20 seconds, a loud alarm accompanied by a flashing light alerts parents immediately.

According to the supplier, this is one of the few monitors selected for use in both hospitals and households, and is certified as a medical device in the European Union.

This product comes with two components, a sensor pad to put under your baby’s mattress and a remote parent unit to signal any alerts. This no-fuss, easy to use device is an easy way to promote that extra piece of mind in the home. It’s incredibly sensitive to even the slightest movement which is ideal for parents who want to keep a close eye on things.


  • Easy set-up and user-friendly
  • Attractive, fun design
  • Sensor pad for zero-contract with baby’s skin
  • High sensitivity to movement
  • Good battery life


  • Medical use claims may lead to a false sense of security
  • Has been reported to give false signals on occasion which can be worrying for parents
  • Does not function well if there is any other movement picked up on nearby e.g. fan, movement in bed by someone else


It is imperative to note that although the devices listed above can offer support for parents and aim to reduce some of the stresses involved with caring for a baby that may have cardiac or respiratory issues, these should not under any circumstances be solely relied on. It is important not to get a false sense of security when purchasing and using these products, as devices on their own are not completely fool-proof. These devices cannot be substituted for medical grade devices or aids, and you should seek appropriate medical advice in the first instance if you have any concerns about your baby’s health. Use caution when purchasing a baby breathing monitor and ensure you carry out surveillance periodically, using the monitor to supplement your own efforts.

Do you need a baby breathing monitor?

If your baby was born full-term, and at a healthy weight it is probably not necessary to use one of these monitors. Parents with at risk babies may consider investing in a monitor to get into good practice of monitoring irregularities. At risk babies include premature babies, babies with rare medical conditions and babies with breathing and heart issues.

Do breathing monitors prevent SIDS?

Unfortunately, despite the various claims that are out on the market, baby breathing monitors are not approved or proven to prevent unexplained infant death or SIDS. There is also not enough research yet to support a link between sleep apnea and SIDS. Be cautious and take care when reading any exaggerated claims that suggest otherwise.

That concludes our list of baby breathing monitors. We hope you found this article useful and has saved you some valuable time better spent with your little ones. Do check out our other reviews on baby & motherhood products on our gears page.

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