The Best Baby Monitor Under 100 Dollars

Baby monitors can be a godsend for many parents and are an effective way to give both you and the baby a more peaceful night’s sleep. With the online shopping boom, there are more options for parents than ever before, but you may have noticed when browsing online that many of these baby monitors come with a hefty price tag. With a new baby in the household, finances are a common worry and it can seem like there are endless things to purchase for your baby’s well being (and your own!).

We believe that a parent’s peace of mind doesn’t need to break the bank and so, with this in mind, we’ve searched far and wide and come up with the very best baby monitors on the market for under $100. We will prove through our reviews that there is no need for a trade-off between price and quality, and that every parent can have access to affordable baby-care products. These would also make great gifts for baby showers and birthdays.


This baby monitor and camera combination is a great option for parents on a budget. With a 2.4-inch HD LCD color display, you can enjoy great video quality that allows you to make out any facial expressions or movement from your child during the night.

Using the latest infra-red technologies, you will be able to see your baby day and night with this BabySense’s high-quality night vision, and there’s even a 2x digital zoom feature. 

With a two-way audio function, you can talk to and soothe your baby from anywhere in the house within a generous 900ft range. Sometimes the little ones just need to hear your voice! Besides this, you can also use this monitor to check the room temperature and make use of high and low temperature alerts.

For households with multiple babies, or a need for more than one camera you can easily link up additional devices to the monitor.

For parents who are concerned about security, there is no reliance on a Wi-Fi connection with this product which eliminates the threat of hacking.


  • High-quality LCD colour display which switches to night vision function effortlessly
  • Easy to set-up and user-friendly
  • Two-way talk audio function
  • Manual pan and tilt capability
  • Multi-camera expandability (up to 4 cameras)


  • View on the camera is quite narrow
  • If the monitor loses connection, a loud beeping is produced which may disturb sleep
  • Short battery life


The Dekugga baby monitor is a great option for parents who want to keep an eye on their baby. Another two-component product, this camera/monitor duo offers HD video quality on an LCD 2.4-inch monitor screen. With a 900ft range, your baby will never seem too far away, allowing you to get on with other things in the house while still feeling connected.

There are lots of additional features to be enjoyed at this affordable price point, including a two-way talk audio function and built-in lullabies to send your baby off to sleep. There is also a night vision setting and temperature monitoring to round out the features.

Using 2.4GHz FHSS wireless technology, the parent and baby unit pair to each other in a way which does not rely on a Wi-Fi connection to function. It offers reassurance that hackers won’t be able to access the camera feed.


  • 900ft range
  • Two-way talk audio function
  • Built-in lullabies and a night light to soothe your baby to sleep
  • 1-year warranty for a risk-free purchase
  • Alarm setting to sound when the battery is low or out of range


  • View on the camera is quite narrow
  • The monitor can take a long time to charge up


This baby monitor offers one of the largest screen sizes on our list at 4.3 inches for optimal viewing. 


The camera itself is wall-mountable, with a manually adjustable joint design allowing you to position freely and achieve the perfect angle. It can rotate up to 360 degrees to suit most room layouts.

One of the interesting features on this device is the voice activation setting which keeps the screen off in a power saving mode, still keeping the audio active. The screen is automatically switched back on when the camera detects crying or other sounds from your baby.

Unlike similar models, this baby monitor offers a good battery life, which is perfect to keep parents reassured that it will last throughout the night.

MoonyBaby offers a rich variety of additional features including a two-way talk function to easily let your baby hear your voice, automatic night vision when transitioning from day to night, a selection of built-in lullabies and a zoom setting on the camera. Need more cameras? No problem – this monitor can support up to 4 cameras.


  • Multi-camera expandability
  • Power saving voice activation mode
  • 100% digital wireless secured technology for a private connection
  • Long battery life
  • Two-way talk function
  • Good customer service


  • Short range between camera and monitor
  • Picture quality is not crystal clear in comparison to other models


The HelloBaby monitor offers a multitude of attractive features for parents in the market for a monitor who don’t want to spend a pretty penny.

Firstly, the screen is a HD color display, and offers stable streaming over a secure connection to eliminate any worries about hacking, as it works off of enhanced 2.4GHz FHSS technology.

With an excellent two-way talk feature, you are able to soothe your baby with the sound of your voice, and you can do it from up to 960ft away! If the little one is still having trouble nodding off, you can make use of the built-in lullabies and white noise selections (pleasing for both babies and adults!).

With a manual tilt and pan and adjustable camera head, you’ll be able to set up the camera wherever it’s needed in the baby’s room.

With the HelloBaby monitor you are also able to monitor the room temperature, switch into a power-saving mode to conserve battery and add up to 4 additional cameras to the household that will link up with the monitor. All of this is on top of a stylish and attractive design.


  • Long range of 960ft
  • Multi-camera expandability
  • 2x digital zoom
  • Built-in smart features including two-way talk, lullabies and room temperature monitoring


  • Charger is delicate and prone to damage
  • Short battery life which is inconvenient for overnight monitoring
  • Difficult to get hold of customer service


The final baby monitor on our list is the ANMEATE monitor. With a sleek, stylish design, this monitor boasts a HD LCD color screen to ensure you don’t miss anything. You can use the 2x zoom function to ensure you can see the facial expressions and movements of your baby.

With infra-red LED lights, the camera component monitors the baby in night vision mode which is automatically activated in low light settings.

With a 960ft range, you can enjoy the two-way talk function from various points around the house, all the while soothing your baby with the sound of your voice. You can also monitor the room temperature at any time, so you can ensure your baby is comfortable during the night.

Some additional features include eco mode voice activation to save much needed battery life, manual pan and tilt capability of 360 and 60 degrees, and the ability to add multiple cameras. The sensitivity to sounds can also be adjusted to suit your needs.

Your digital privacy is protected, as ANMEATE operates over a secure and private wireless connection.


  • High-quality video quality with automatic transition to night vision
  • Power saving mode to save battery for overnight use
  • 960ft range
  • 2x zoom setting
  • Digital privacy protection


  • If the connection drops out, a loud sound is emitted which may disturb sleep
  • Short battery life – power saving mode is essential
  • Connection can be disrupted by other electrical items nearby

Our Pick:

We’ve gone through 5 great options for baby monitors under $100, but our top pick from the list is the MoonyBaby monitor. With its super adjustable camera mount design, superior battery life, and all of the additional built-in features, it’s the ideal monitor for parents on a budget. User-friendly and easy to set-up, you’re ready to go in a matter of minutes with MoonyBaby. Customer service is also a key factor we look out for when researching devices as this can make all the difference if you do encounter any issues.

As with any product, there are always pros and cons, but on this occasion the benefits far outweigh any drawbacks, and at an affordable price point you’ve got nothing to lose!

We hope you enjoyed our round up of some of the best cheap baby monitors on the market. It just goes to show that cheap doesn’t always mean low quality.

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