The Best Co-Sleeper Bassinet 2020

There is a growing trend among new parents in the purchase of co-sleeping baby bassinets and it’s not hard to see why. Co-sleeping cots, cribs or bassinets allow you to sleep next to your baby in a safe manner, without the researched risks associated with actual bed sharing. Having a separate sleep environment for your baby, in the same room as the caregivers is recommended for at least the first 6-9 months.

This article will discuss the features and benefits to look out for when shopping for co-sleeping products, as well as our tried and tested reviews of some of the most popular ones on the market right now.

What to look for in a co-sleeper baby bassinet ?

With such a wide variety of products available online and in-stores, it’s important to know which desirable features to look out for. Prior to purchasing, be sure to look out for the following:

Vibrating Features – Some modern models of co-sleeper bassinets have a variety of smart features, including a vibration setting which can help get to settle the baby or help them drift off to sleep.

Instructions – Never underestimate the importance of adequate product instructions, particularly when it comes to baby-care products. A good model should come with not only assembly instructions, but tips on how to use all the features and how to make the best use of the bassinet.

Safety – One of the biggest reasons that co-sleeping bassinets are a popular purchase with parents is so the baby can sleep in a safe environment. This consideration should also be given to the product itself; ensure that your baby can lie comfortably on their back and that there are no small loose parts that could be a hazard to their welfare. Safe, non-toxic materials are also something to be vigilant about.

Mattress Pad – A mattress pad should ideally be as plush and comfortable as possible to ensure a good quality sleep for the baby. Breathable, natural materials that are also hypoallergenic are recommended.

Portability – A portable co-sleeper bassinet that is easy to move around and take with you on holidays, to relatives houses or even just to different areas of the house is an ideal and versatile feature for new parents.

Max baby weight – This may seem like an obvious one, but we strongly suggest checking the maximum baby weight recommendations before making a purchase to ensure correct use. Babies come in all shapes and sizes and luckily there are a variety of options to suit all.


The first product on our list is this attractive co-sleeper bassinet from Arm’s Reach.

This stylish product is as versatile as the name suggests. The feet of the bassinet fit neatly beneath beds with a space below, or alternatively the feet can be retracted so it can also be used with a platform style bed.The design also allows you to adjust the height of the bassinet to suit your needs. 

The sleeping nest itself extends 30 inches so can rest on the edge of your bed or just beside it depending on which is preferred. With a plush mattress pad included, the baby will have no trouble getting off to sleep, especially when aided with various smart features including music and nature sounds. The sides of the bassinet are made from safe, breathable mesh material for additional safety and comfort.


  • Attractive design
  • Adjustable height and feet
  • Mattress pad included
  • Mesh material on sides for safe baby ventilation
  • Smart features: Music box plays five tunes, and 5 nature sounds (battery operated) A mobile with plush hanging toy and color rings is also include
  • Easy to assemble and clear instructions


  • High price point compared to similar products
  • The sides are not adjustable for easy baby access
  • Sleeping nest is prone to slight sloping which can affect side which baby sleeps


This cute bassinet from Delta Children has lots of attractive features to offer. A practical and easy to use design, this co-sleeper is fitted with handy swivel wheels that can be locked to keep baby as close to the bed as possible, while having the freedom to move around from room to room.

Lulling a baby to sleep is made easy with the smart features including soothing music, a soft nightlight and an electronic mobile with plush toys.  The bassinet can also be rocked for soothing motion. There is even a large basket underneath for additional storage for baby essentials.

Taking safety seriously, this product is JPMA certified to meet or exceed all safety standards set by the CPSC and ASTM. A mattress pad and fitted sheet are included for added comfort.


  • Reasonable price point
  • Locking wheels for room to room mobility
  • Smart features: Music, nightlight and electronic mobile
  • Storage basket underneath
  • Removable canopy for blocking light
  • Safety certified


  • Included mattress pad is a bit thin
  • Rocking produces clicking sound
  • Can be tricky to assemble


This soft and comfortable bassinet boasts a sleek and simple folding design meaning that, as the name suggests, it is fully portable for easy transport.

Putting safety first, the product is made with high quality, soft 

and durable materials, this bassinet features breathable mesh panel sides for optimal airflow and visibility of baby.

The bassinet is complimented by attractive features such as a Bluetooth speaker, perfect for playing soothing lullabies or nature sounds. There is even a soft nightlight and room temperature monitor to aid comfort. The included sheets inside the sleep nest as easy to clean for a healthy sleep environment.


  • Easy to assemble, clear instructions
  • Folding design is easily portable
  • Safety conscious mesh panels for airflow and visibility
  • Smart features: Bluetooth speaker, nightlight and room temperature monitor
  • Free live video installation support


  • Bluetooth speaker automatically shuts off after set time. Makes a beeping noise which can wake baby
  • Mattress portion of the sleep nest is very thin. Additional mattress pad may be needed.
  • Max baby weight is lighter than other products. Can cause a dip in the middle if the baby is above this weight.


For a simple co-sleeper product that does what it says on the tin, the MiClassic is for you.

The foldable design means you can fold away into the included carry bag when not in use and can be transported easily. Assembly consists of an easy, quick pull up method, so you are ready to go in seconds.

As pointed out by the name of the product, there is a manual rock setting to rock and soothe your baby. It can then be put in stationary mode for sleep. The bassinet is surrounded by a breathable mesh fabric to encourage airflow as well as visibility.


  • Simple assembly, clear instructions
  • Carry bag included
  • Rock and stationary modes
  • Mesh fabric for airflow and visibility
  • Folding design is easily portable


  • Mattress is a bit stiff which can affect comfort
  • Large product may not work for smaller spaces
  • Heavier product
  • No smart features


This product from Mika Micky works as both a bedside sleeper and standalone bassinet, cleverly designed for baby’s comfort and the convenience of parents.

With an easy, tool free set-up this co-sleeper can be assembled wherever you need it, aided by lockable wheels for additional portability.

The baby’s sleep area is fully adjustable to line up with your bed, and the side panel offers an easy-open design allowing you to access the baby from your bed. Speaking of which, the side panels are made of a pleasant and safe two-sided mesh material to ensure airflow and visibility.


  • 2-in-1 bedside sleeper and standalone bassinet
  • Easy set-up and clear instructions
  • Lockable wheels for room to room mobility
  • Side panel easy-open design
  • Mesh fabric for airflow and visibility


  • No smart features
  • High price point
  • Co-sleeper mode does not work for beds without space underneath
  • Mesh does not extend to the lower portion of the bassinet


For a simple yet reliable and well-designed product, this cradle has you covered.

The product’s comfortable design allows for soothing rocking to lull your baby gently to sleep in the most relaxing way. The cradle is also lightweight and easy to move around the house, wherever you need it to be.

Baby is surrounded with airy mesh fabric to allow for better supervision and airflow, and there are no small parts or bars that could trap the baby.

This product’s washable material means your baby can enjoy a healthy sleeping environment. All materials are fully tested for safety and are JPMA certified.


  • Comes with a detachable canopy and fitted sheet for extra comfort
  • Mesh fabric for airflow and visibility
  • Lightweight for room to room portability
  • Adheres to high standard of safety
  • Soothing rocking design


  • No smart features
  • Highest price point in this selection
  • Non-adjustable leg height


This smartly designed bassinet offers 3 products in 1 for optimal versatility.

It easily transforms into either a standalone bassinet which can be used on the go, a playpen and, most importantly, a co-sleeper by simply unzipping one of the side panels for easy access to the baby whilst in bed.

The bassinet is fully adjustable and offers 5 different height levels to suit multiple bed designs and different environments. For room to room mobility, the product is fitted with lockable wheels for ultimate ease.

It is additionally lightweight and easy to carry, making it ideal for travel.


  • 3 modes for versatile product usage
  • Side panel zip down access for co-sleeper mode
  • Fully adjustable height
  • Lockable wheels for room to room mobility
  • Lightweight for portability


  • No smart features
  • Side panels offer no visibility unless unzipped


To sum up our reviews, we have put forward our top recommendations for differing needs:

Best Co-Sleeper Baby Bassinet For Breastfeeding

The KoolaBaby 3-in-1 Baby Bassinet is the best product for breastfeeding, with its adjustable height to line up with your bed and easy-open side panels to access the baby simply and comfortably. The included carry bag also allows you to comfortably breastfeed when you are away from home.

Best Co-Sleeper Baby Bassinet For Portability

The KoolaBaby 3-in-1 Baby Bassinet is our top recommendation for portability, with a handy carry bag included. The lightweight design makes for easy transport and the lockable wheels provide additional mobility. With its fully adjustable height to level up with most bed designs as well as the hugely convenient zip-down side panels, this is a perfect product to use both home and away. 

Best Co-Sleeper Baby Bassinet For Safety

Our top pick for safety is the BABYBJORN Cradle with its pleasant, breathable mesh design and low crib height, allowing optimal airflow and better supervision for peace of mind. With quality, easy-to-clean materials that adhere to baby safety standards, you can rest assured that your baby is sleeping in a healthy and safe environment.

Overall Pick : Co-Sleeper Baby Bassinet 

Based on our best research, our top recommendation of the above selection has to be the KoolaBaby 3-in-1 Baby Bassinet. Scoring highly on design, portability, breastfeeding access, versatility and, most importantly, safety this product has a lot to offer. It is not the cheapest on the list, but for the price it offers great value for a variety of benefits.

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