The Best Money Saving Tips For New Parents

Babies are not cheap. There is no way to make parenting inexpensive, but there are ways to minimize the expenses and still provide your baby with the best possible upbringing. Babies do not need fancy things; they need love, support, and care to thrive. Here are some easy ways parents can save money with new babies. 



Shop consignment stores and other second-hand stores. You do not need to compromise quality by shopping at second-hand stores. When babies are young, they often grow very quickly and only wear some outfits once or twice. Most consignment stores sell things for half the price of the original retailer. As your baby grows, you can also see about setting up a contract to be a consigner. Some stores will pay you monthly or on a regular schedule, some will let you use your “money” for store credit instead, and others will let you do whichever you like. For instance, if you made $47 last month and you want to spend $16, the other $31 would be paid by check. You can not only save a little money on clothing, toys, and other baby gear, you can also make a little money to spend in other places. 

Social Media Groups

This may be buying and selling groups on Facebook Marketplace, parent groups that allow sales, or trade groups where parents trade things they no longer need or do not use. These things can be purchased for pennies on the dollar in these groups and some items may be free. While these things can save parents money, please make sure that they are cleaned or disinfected before letting your baby use them. 

Note: Since the previous two ways include gently used items, please note that things like car seats and mattresses, should not be used. Car seats can be damaged in accidents or recalled and pose a safety risk. It is also not recommended to purchase or use preowned mattresses. Some resale business insurance will not allow them to sell car seats or mattresses. 

Favorite Retailer’s Discount Programs or Cards

Many retailers have loyalty cards or discount programs and they can be very beneficial to new parents. For example, Target has its Red Card program which is either a credit card or debit card that offers an additional five percent back. To avoid interest fees, opt for the debit card and get the five percent back anyway. In addition to this program, sometimes they have a deal that gives you a gift card for a certain purchase. Often, this is a gift card for the purchase of $75 or $100 worth of diapers in a certain brand or size package. If you are using disposable diapers and wipes, $75 or $100 worth is just a few boxes. Those gift cards can be used to buy other supplies later. Using store discount cards can score parents coupons not available to all shoppers, too. Southern grocer Food Lion will offer electronic coupons on many things including diapers, wipes, baby food, and other necessities. Sometimes you can even combine these savings with paper coupons and sales offered by the stores. 

Savings Apps and Websites

Apps such as Ibotta, GetUpside, Ebates, Honey, and others can save you money and offer cash back. Some apps like Shopkick will let you accrue points just by walking in or scanning items in the store as well. Shoppers can get their cash back in the form of gift cards from some sites while others will transfer cash directly to your PayPal or bank account. 

We have discussed the top 7 cash back websites for new parents here :

Shop At Warehouse Stores

Stores such as Sam’s Club, Costco, and BJ’s can offer significant savings on those things you use every day. Things like baby wipes may be offered in generic forms and are often as good or better than the national competitor. I like Sam’s wipes better than national brands and they are significantly cheaper than purchasing in retail stores. For what I pay in yearly dues to Sam’s club, I save in just a few trips for diapers and wipes alone! Infant formula, baby food, milk, juice, and pouches (yogurt or apple sauce) often offer significant savings and can be used before the best buy dates. 

Choose Convertible Gear 

Buy things that convert with your growing child. Instead of buying a new car seat every year or so to accommodate your growing baby, purchase one that can be used front or rear-facing up to 40 or 50 pounds. Then purchase a booster with a five-point harness that may convert to a backless booster as your child grows. Also, consider a crib that will convert to a toddler bed and then a single or twin. Do not forget to buy the conversion kit and register your purchase with your crib company in case there is a recall. They will often ship you the replacement parts free of charge if there is a recall. 

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Benefits You Already Have

Breast Pumps and Equipment

Some insurance companies will provide new parents with breast pumps free of charge. These are not flimsy pumps either. Many cover nice Medela pumps that cost $200-$300 retail. Do not spend money on things you can get through insurance! Insurance sometimes will also cover diapers after a certain age for children with physical or mental disabilities. For most insurance companies this is three or four years old, but if this is an option for you later, then let someone else pick up the tab!

Free Money

FSAs are often optional benefits through your health plan. If you can add an FSA or HSA with your insurance benefits at work without paying extra in premiums, take them up on the offer! These accounts are often tax-free as well. You can use them to cover things like co-pays, medications, and other medical equipment not already covered. Sometimes if you have to pay into these accounts, there is also an employer match. That is still some free money. If you can afford to pay your portion let the employer pay you too. 

Discounts on Healthy Choices

Each insurance company may call it something different, but they often have something for reaching step goals, losing weight, quitting smoking, or other healthy habits. After having a baby, many women want to lose weight. This isn’t easy to do, but often you qualify for discounts at gyms, equipment for home, or pedometers. Count steps while you bounce a fussy baby. Sometimes, these plans will offer new moms a free consultation with nutritionists as well. This can help mom ensure that she is meeting her nutritional needs as well. 

Ask for Freebies at Doctor’s Appointments or During the Hospital Stay

Some doctor’s offices are given formula samples in diaper bags to give to expectant parents. Ask your doctor if there are any current samples. During your hospital stay, the diapers are yours for the taking. As a mother of two children born in different decades in different hospitals, the nurses both times said to take all the diapers. They will bring more! Take advantage of this because after you leave the hospital, they are not free anymore. (Some of the national companies do have loyalty programs—if you like one find out what they offer).

Closing thoughts

These suggestions are just a few of the places you may save money or qualify for free things as new parents. Low-income families may also qualify for programs such as WIC or other community programs to help ensure the healthy growth of the baby. Watch all retailers for sales, clip coupons, and shop early for things that may go on sale before you need them. You can purchase off-season items for less than current season items. The stroller might go on sale in the winter because people do not walk outside as often in the winter. Likewise, the warm carrier covers will be cheaper in the summer because your baby will not need to be kept as warm. Get creative and remember that babies do not need every gadget. Their clothes can be preowned. They will not mind—I am sure. 

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Money Saving Tips for Parents

Money Saving Tips for Parents

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